Tuesday, December 25, 2007


Happy Holidays to everyone who celebrate it! <3

Here is a bit of seasonal magic for you.

You can see some of my last photos here.

I'll be away in the next two days. Have fun everyone! Talk to you soon! XOXO


DG said...

Happy Holidays my dear friend! I wish you all the best. Love was always your sword, goodness your armor, humor your shield... and I've learned a lot from it. Thank you for everything :)

Matt said...

Happy Holidays Lena *hugs*

Photos are beautiful!

Neo said...

Merry Xmas!

I hope you had good time :)

Paul C. said...

Merry belated Christmas to you, Lena. Hope your wishes came true. But not necessarily all of them, or else what would be left to wish for? ;)

Milena said...

Thanks a lot everyone! <3

Lorri said...

Have a wonderful 2008 dear Milena.

Miss and love you lots!

<3 xoxo

Nikola said...

Happy Holidays Milena!

Nathaniel Monkerhey said...

Hi first time I visit as a Morrissey devotee - like the pics there's a certain athmosphere about them that I like
Stay interesting

Andrea said...

Beautiful photography! I actually used one of your photos in a collage I made of found images. I will link back to your blog if I ever put it online :) Let me know if that is okay with you.