Sunday, December 30, 2007


Happy New Year everyone!

It's a bit early but I hope you won't mind because I won't be around in the next few days. I wish you all to be happy and healthy. And I promise a lot of photos and stories upon my return :)

Have fun!

Tuesday, December 25, 2007


Happy Holidays to everyone who celebrate it! <3

Here is a bit of seasonal magic for you.

You can see some of my last photos here.

I'll be away in the next two days. Have fun everyone! Talk to you soon! XOXO

Friday, December 21, 2007


Please, check out the photos from the exhibition of the "artist" Guillermo Habacuc Vargas before you continue to read my post. There are very sad images of a starving dog.

Well, the dog died. If that is art, I refuse to be an artist. What was Vargas’ point, if he had any?

There will always be a group of a people to argue and justify this inhumane act. Some will say that the dog would die anyway. Some will say that the point of Vargas exhibition was to shock and create impact on a human’s mind. Vargas will say that that is art.

Are we that much cold and insensitive that we really need to see all of it in vivo in order to understand and to have appropriate reaction on this kind of things? Vargas couldn’t actually MAKE an artwork? Painting, photo, video or anything else? No matter reasoning, two facts remain. The "artist" didn’t even try to help to this dog and he just added on a poor dog’s sufferings by dragging him to this horrible exhibition.

Nothing, and I really mean nothing, should be above our humanity and compassion. If you can’t help to someone, then at least don’t make his/her sufferings even worse. Record it. Remember it. Find an appropriate way to tell your story without hurting innocent animals. We live in a time when that is possible.

All of this reminded me of Kevin Carter, a Pulitzer-winning South African photographer that committed suicide, hunted by the horrific images of starving people in Sudan, unable to distance himself from the things he witnessed and unable to help. He won’t be forgotten.

Now, to go back to my story, Vargas is about to represent his country at the Bienal Centroamericana Honduras 2008. Do not let him! Over 360.000 people have signed a petition. Please, help us out. Sign it.

Sunday, December 02, 2007


Santa Claus is coming. Are you ready? :D

This beautiful holiday is a synthesis of pagan and christian elements. The custom goes back to the middle ages when bad spirits were driven away by noise created with cowbells and cows' horns. Today it's called Santa Claus Parade. December 5th is Klausjagen (Chasing of Claus).

The procession begins at 8:15pm and is most impressive. The sounds are made by groups of people ringing bells, blowing horns and cracking whips, and the lights come from folks wearing huge paper bishops hats, lit from within by candles. I wish I can show you all of it...

Ready to wave? Here he comes :)