Friday, March 02, 2007

Latest Photos

I have totally neglected my blog! Life has been crazy and I didn’t have much time for anything lately.

I miss winter, I want snow! We have something like extended autumn here. Lots of rain and mist but not snow. At least my cats are having a great time because they like to be outside, preferably on our roof! So what they are doing on the roof?

Here you can see Micko. He is sleeping. Hardly anything can wake him up because the poor thing is deaf.

This is Marco, teasing neighbor's dog LOL

The mentioned dog:

Now they are together :)

First we got Marco. He just came into our yard and decided to stay with us. Few weeks later he brought Micko. Dog belongs to our neighbor but she is constantly with us. We also have two turtles.

Anyway, I have taken these photos before I went to our local fortress. It was early in the morning and the city was surprisingly silent. Misty and a bit rainy day…

I found workers on the fortress. They were repairing old hotel façade.

The entire place was covered with mist. I could hardly see anything in the distance.

I was walking around, enjoying the silence and taking photos while waiting on the cafe to open so I can drink my first coffee.

Later on, I have been reading some magazines in the cafe and I saw some beautiful short poem. Thought I should share it:

Send me a leaf, but from a bush
That grows at least one half hour
Away from your house, then
You must go and will be strong, and I
Thank you for the pretty leaf.

Have a nice day everyone!

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