Monday, November 19, 2007

This is for you Lorri :)

Finally some pictures of snow as I’ve promised before. It’s not enough for our Snowman Project so I’ll have to wait a bit longer to start with it.

Bits of colors… Autumn is still struggling to survive.

This one is my favorite.


Lorri said...

Thank you dear Milena! :) They are all beautiful, each in their own way. Each one has its own mood and loveliness.

I love the ones with bits of autumn tones hanging on, not ready to fall off.

My first favorite (well they are all my favorites...lolol), is the one with the steps going through the trees. And, the one that is your favorite is my second favorite.

Thank you for thinking of me. I can't wait for winter snow to fall here.

I love YOU!

Milena said...

I'm glad you like it :)

Did you get my snowy postcard? :D


Lorri said...

No, no snowy postcard yet, but I am sure it will come in the next day or two.

Love YOU! :) Lots! :)

Nikola said...

Skoro pa da poželjeh da i ovdje padne snijeg :)

Lorri said...

Milena...two cards came today! The one from the Sculpture Park in winter, and the autumn Swiss Mountains one.

Thank you so much!

I must go to both places. LOL.

I love you lots!

Milena said...

Yay! Right on time Lorri! :D

Yes, we are going to have some fun and to visit several places! I can't wait my friend.

Milena said...

Nikola, zar jos uvek nemate snega?! Doce sigurno i do vas, u to nema sumnje, mada mi se iz tvog komentara cini da se nesto bas i ne radujes tome ;)

Neo said...

Very nice captures Milena. Number 8 is my favorite.

Paul C. said...

Lovely photographs, as usual. We finally got snow today, just in time to fall while I was making a long car trip. There wasn't quite enough snow for me to build a snowman myself, but I could always try and send you some if I thought it would arrive still frozen. Alas, I don't think it'll happen.

Milena said...

Thanks Neo.

Paul, yes, I believe we are not enough advanced for it! LOL Unless you have truck with a freezer on your mind! :D

Nikola said...

Nema jos snijega ovdje...samo kisa... :(