Saturday, September 29, 2007

What’s new you ask?

Here is an update for my friends, a bit more personal than usual. I know I should write more and send more e-mails but please, bear with me! I always reply but yes, lately it was more later than sooner. I have an excuse!

So, first to say that my back problem is almost gone. I feel much better. Lorri, thanks a lot for thinking of me always and for being there during my lonely and sleepless hours <3

For those that don’t know what I’m speaking about, I got an inflammation of a nerve in the area of the trapezius muscle about one week ago. I wish it was due to some kissing in wind and rain but unfortunately it wasn’t. Shortly, I should remind myself to close my bedroom window before going to sleep! I guess I keep it open in hope that someone will come, like in that De Jurk movie. Just kidding! Anyway, after one week of pain and struggle I am happy to report that I feel better (mom, I really do!). I surely hope I won’t experience this again. It was unforgettable. Or am I getting old and all of this is actually normal? 33 years is not much I’ll say.

So here I am, finally and unjustly captured, but worth to be recorded as I barely have any photos of myself, considering my early choice of being on another side of a camera.

No, I wasn’t sad. I was just pondering and observing space possibilities for a new photo shoot.

Ok, here is another one, but not much better! *laughing out loud*

I’m actually resting on a tomb of an orthodox priest after shooting some important architectural restoration.

I’m having my 4th international photography exhibition at this moment. Four exhibitions and two awards so far. Not bad my friends. I’m quite happy. I’m working on calendars for the upcoming year and I’m hoping to work more on different designs in a following period, more precisely CD covers. Matthew, do you read me? :D

Other than that, traveling, watching movies and reading. All is as usual. Trying to press my web developer to upgrade my website and make long awaited changes. That is usual as well! Heck I always forgive him for the sake of all other brilliant things and good times. Right now I enjoy in Rilke’s Ahead of All Parting. Movie post is soon to come.

So, how is everyone? I hope all is fine on your sides of the world. Drop some line or e-mail. In the meanwhile, for all movie lovers, check out Paul’s latest post.


Matt said...

LOL on an open window story

Nice to see more posts from you! I hope you won’t disappear for too long again.

I just got back from Elysium. We had fun. You should go with us once.

Lorri said...

You better take care of yourself! I am serious. LOLOL! I am glad you feel better.

I love the photos! :)) Yes, you are on the other side of the camera (the one being photographed, this time), lucky for us.

Congratulations on the exhibits and awards...I am soooo proud of you.

Give that web developer a big push. LOL If you don't, I will give him a virtual one.

Love YOU! :))

DG said...

*grabs photos and saves*

my pretty friend, cute as ever :)

I'm glad you feel better.

Neo said...

Warmerdam would be happy to hear this! LOL

Good that you feel better.

Paul C. said...

Wow, thanks for the plug. Hope everyone can come on over and play. There are even prizes.

Also, sorry to hear about your back pain. Unfortunately, you get more of those the older you get. Or at least I do. I've been known to wake up sometimes with such a sharp pain in my back that I have trouble walking. Luckily for me, it tends to go away after a few rough days. My usual rule of thumb is that if it doesn't seem to be getting better after three days, I call the doctor. I'd call sooner but, y'know, America. Doctors cost money here.

Great pictures, as usual. I can relate to you not having too many photos of yourself. I really only have one of me that's recent, and I don't even like it. I sometimes wish I had a photographer friend around here who would actually put a little effort into making me look good for the camera.

That b/w photo is especially striking, I think, and not just for being black and white. And don't you hate it when people act like you're sad when you're just deep in thought? When you've got a lot on your mind, you generally won't smile and laugh and act cheerful, but sadness isn't just an absence of happiness. There's a grey area there, one in which most of use spend a large portion of our lives, and we can't always walk around with big fake smiles plastered on our faces to make us look like everything is wonderful. Or maybe that's just an American thing.

Yeesh, I'm talking your ear off. Sorry about that. Anyway, glad to know you're feeling better.

Milena said...

Paul, it’s almost as if you read my mind. I totally agree with you. I guess the trouble is that I do smile often and then people think that something is wrong when I just don’t.

When it comes to doctors, here is the same situation. It costs indeed! But I had the same back problem one year ago so I already knew what to do. Gee, I truly felt old while placing some funny heating pillow on my back! LOL

So, come here if you need a good looking portrait :D. I’m telling you that truly just about anyone can look good and astonishing on photos. Right angle, good lighting, make-up, etc. Of course, I’m not saying that you don’t look good. I’m speaking in general. I saw some models that look totally average, I mean I wouldn’t notice them on a street, yet they can look exceptional on photos. But that is so unimportant. It is true that we are attracted by someone’s look on the beginning yet everything else depends on character.

Pacze Moj said...

Congratulations on your exhibitions and awards.

I didn't know you were a photographer! I've tried my hand at photography a few times, but failed on each occasion. I prefer pencils and words, me-self. But I always have a special respect for people who can do things I can't.

Hope to see more of your photos in the future.

abigail85 said...

Hi!!! I was searching some inages on google and one of them has brought me here. You know, the black and white photo is wonderful! Did you take it? I love to take photographs. I'd like you to come in my space and live me a comment (also if I'm Italian). HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

Milena said...

I'm totally late with my reply since I haven't been here (it seems to me) for ages, but to answer to your question Abigail, that black and white photo of me was taken by my father :)