Sunday, May 06, 2007

Moving and Black Light

So yes, I didn’t post any of my photos lately and I didn’t mention anything about my life in general. As some of you know, I don’t have much time at this moment because I am about to move to another country. Next month I will be in Switzerland.

Moving is hard, meaning there are a lot of a things that need to be done. I have to leave my apartment and the most important is that I actually have to storage all my belongings. The biggest problem is the furniture. I don’t have a car so practically I can take only my suitcases with me, which means that I can’t really carry much. It’s also hard because I have to leave my family and friends and my country. I don’t even know any of Swiss languages but I’m planning to stay there for about two years so I will certainly learn some. Switzerland is a beautiful country and I have traveled there several times. I hope I can settle in some small place by a lake because I want to be surrounded with nature and I like water very much. Anyway, I won’t post anything here for a while, probably from June to July, until I finally settle.

When it comes to photography, I had my third exhibition recently. It was actually a collective exhibition of a several photographers and I have exhibited several photos from my experimental series with black light.

UV lamps or black light fluorescent tubes are usually used in archeology, criminology and medicine. If you are interested to experiment with black light, I can give you some advice. First, I didn’t use flash or any other source of light, except one weak black light tube. Common is to use two sources of a black light but I used one. Tripod is a must. The main problem is bad visibility and focus. Light up your subject and adjust the camera settings before you switch to black light. You can also focus on the visible light and shoot with the maximum depth of field. However, the best is to make tests for the correct focus and exposure. I didn’t use any filter but common is to use a filter that will block visible light.

Some colors and materials are especially vibrant. If you want to get black background the best is to use black fabric. I didn’t use any particular background because my black light source was weak enough hence the background appears to be black. I’m planning to experiment further and to try out different effects. Anyway, I hope this information was useful.



the art of memory said...

sounds amazing to live in switzerland, have been recently, in lugano, very pretty.
i esp. like the middle image, great colors.
good luck out there.

Milena said...

Thank you very much.

Yes, it's going to be interesting in Switzerland. I already visited many places there. I've never been in Lugano but I've been in the same area while visiting Locarno.


Hi! I am Arwindhan. I saw your posts. It was nice. great job. Keep rocking.